Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Essential Tips and Hints for Using Self Storage

  1. Don’t go cheap

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Self storage is no different. A self storage facility that is cheap may look the proper maintenance measure such as pest control or may not have security features that ensure the safety of your goods. A good indicator is to take a look at the cleanliness of the self storage store, if it is clean chances are the operator is looking after your goods just as well. To make sure you pay the best price look and ask for discount or choose a smaller unit. You may be surprised at what size unit you need, it is always best to ask the self storage business for their recommendation. Bear in mind that a good self storage business will have a variety of unit sizes to suit your needs.

  1. Make use of proper transport

Many self storage tenants make numerous trips back and forth in their car wasting time and fuel. You could probably make your move in one go if you make use of a transport van or truck. Some self storage companies offer a free van trip with your move-in and any reputable business will have a number of recommended removals companies for you to contact.

  1. Take insurance

If it is worth storing it is worth insuring. You can add your stored items onto your existing insurance policy simply by providing the address of the self storage company to your insurer. A reputable self storage company will also be able to provide you with a self storage insurance package specific to your needs. In reality the cost to insure your stored items is fairly low and can save you an enormous amount if something does go wrong.

  1. Don’t allow tailgaters

The security of your stored items is paramount when using self storage. A good self storage company will offer a number of security measures, such as cctv cameras, guards, electric fences and access control. Make sure you do your part by not allowing other vehicles to follow you into the self storage premises thus gaining illegal access.

  1. Ask questions

Storage units Fort Worth have been doing self storage for years and chances are who have the solution to your problem, if they don’t know how we will find out. Self storage is what they do love it. Ask about your specific needs and we can advise on your transport, packaging, payment plans, size of unit, security, what padlock you should use. Even storage units have an online chat button so you can talk to one of our operators instantly, so chat if you wish!

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