Saturday 23 February 2019
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Epoxy Flooring solution for Garage Set Up

The important part for interior design is flooring. The term epoxy defined as a form of catalyzed plastic. In a Garage set up where flooring usually took with a lot of consideration, choosing the
perfect flooring is vital since it involves a large portion of the initial investment. Epoxy flooring is the most used solution for this niche as far as flooring is concerned.

The primary reasons why epoxy flooring highly considered is because of its durability, and minimum maintenance required and environmental friendly. Hence, it is a recommended flooring choice for both industries and residential.  In dustrial epoxy solution coating typically applies
on top of a concrete floor to bring a binding solution as well as an attractive aesthetical surface.

Types of epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring consists of three major types:

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A 100% solid epoxy

Among the three, 100% solid epoxy considered as the most appropriate choice because of its best outcomes. This epoxy solution has the capability to meet the entire stringent requirement that complied when designing the industrial floor such as a garage.  Consider hiring a garage floor epoxy contractors in Maryland.

It provides a strong adhesive, toughness and the best chemical resistance. Epoxy floors are naturally abrasion resistance, heat resistance, waterproof and corrosives as well as active resistance such as alkalis and acid.

Solvent based epoxy and Water-based epoxy

Solvent-based epoxies and Water-based epoxy are commonly known due to its user-friendly nature. However, they not durable and cannot use as a thick coating compared to 100% solid epoxy.

The following are practical application procedures of the floor surface:

  1. Mix the compound in an appropriate ratio
  2. Apply in a minimum depth of 2mm
  3. The epoxy require at least seven coats for creating a glossy

Easy maintenance is the main advantage of epoxy flooring. Concrete flooring needs a suitable protection, and epoxy flooring is the best option to protect against chemical attack, thermal shock, and abrasion, which commonly experienced in the industrial set up.


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