Sunday 24 February 2019
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Enveloping warmth all around you

The feeling of warmth covering you from all sides is the best feeling of the winters. You do not want to come across the feeling. If you are one of those who love to be indulged in such warmth then you are at the right place at the right time. The exclusive plaids made from Paris are made for you exclusively with love to cuddle you from all around and feel the soft warmth of the plaid. These plaids are made with the best wool of the France and woven from hand which makes the product unique.

Best Of Plaids From Paris

  • Night of time plaid: This plaid is known for its mix texture of wool, cotton, linen and hemp. The natural material is known for its natural warmth and softness, with exclusive graphic designs which makes the product a treat for the eyes. It is not only the appearance of the plaid which attracts the viewers but also the warmth which makes the users to build a life time bonding with the plaid.  

  • Plum plaid: The extra large size of the plaid is large enough to wrap you completely in the warmth .The natural mixture of linen, wool and cotton provides you the best of plaids woven on the handmade wooden looms which are available at very few of the factories world wide. The limited edition of the Kaydara plaid manufactured in Paris makes it an exclusive gift from Paris for you. The purple color makes the plaid attractive.

  • Plaid ivory: The white natural color of the white cashmere along with the wool and cotton makes the plaid loveable. The various design patterns drawn on the plaid makes it the perfect gift for someone who is exclusive in the universe. This gift is sure to make her or him love you more and more as you still remember her in the beautiful lanes of Paris.

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