Saturday 23 February 2019
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Do I Need a Full Windows Installation Winnipeg?

As a long time home owner, you may have considered replacing your windows a time or two especially after the bitter cold winters. However, whether you want to replace your windows for an updated look, or you need to increase your home’s insulation, the idea of replacing all of your windows at once seems like an expensive endeavor. However, there are other options to a full windows installation Winnipeg. Depending on your situation, you may not have to replace all of your windows at once. You could replace one or two windows at a time, then as time progresses and your financial situation improves, you can replace the others when you receive more funds. Here are some things to consider when deciding to do a full window replacement, or installments.

Replacing Your Windows in Stages –


  • Although it may seem like the less expensive option on the front end, replacing your windows in stages will actually cost more over the long run. This is because manufacturers and installers can offer you a much better deal when you buy in bulk.
  • If you choose to replace your windows in installments, you will have to wait until all the windows have been fitted before you update your new siding.


  • Even though it is more expensive in the long run, replacing your windows over time allows you to make smaller payments.
  • Taking your time allows you to decide which windows actually need to be replaced and which ones can wait until a later time.
  • Professional installers will have more time to access your needs and give you some must know info about your home and window replacement. They can review a section of the building and provide better options for your needs. You are more likely to get better looking windows that are structurally sound because there is more time to analyze the situation. `

Full Window Replacement-

CONS- The most obvious downside to replacing your windows all at once is the cost. Replacing five windows at a time can be a very costly endeavor, however, once done, there are many benefits.


  • Even though the price is much larger on the front end, you will actually save money in the long run.
  • You will even save money with the contractor you use to install your window because most contractors can give you a discount or wholesale rate when they replace your windows in bulk.
  • Your whole home will benefit from a onetime window replacement because all window leaks will be taken care of at the same time.
  • Replacing all of your windows and doors Winnipeg will greatly increase the aesthetic value of your home as soon as the job is completed.

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