Saturday 23 February 2019
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Disposal And Recycling of Waste

You might have wondered how do people dispose of their general waste (furniture, household waste, etc.), perhaps from a relocation, or even from ongoing renovation works. In some cases, you might have seen a large metal bin sitting directly in front of their home and it can come in a myriad of colours like red, blue, yellow, orange, etc. These bins are called skips and they allow you to dispose of your wastes in a proper manner, before being carted off by the company that rents them out.

Advantages of renting a skip

The main advantage of renting a skip would be the convenience factor which allows you to dispose your waste right at your doorstep. Once you are done with all of your disposal, call the company and they will be there to pick it up, saving you the hassle of looking for a proper waste disposal point. Hiring a skip and doing the waste disposal (like furniture removal) could save you some of the costs, as compared to engaging a company. Baco Compak offer waste recycling services in King’s Lynn and have a wide range of skips in different sizes to suit your disposal needs.

The many sizes of skips

When looking for a skip, ensure that you know the size of your waste to be disposed (or have a rough estimation) and enquire about the dimensions of the skip bin. For example, a 2 yard skip would be enough for a small scale disposal of household waste and general waste, while a 10 yard skip would most likely be sufficient for bulky items (like sofas) and construction waste. It is prudent to use a larger skip than a smaller one, as the amount of waste may be well over your estimate and you will be charged again if the current skip is unable to contain all your waste.

Specific types of waste

When you hire a skip from the company to dispose of your wastes, check with the company on what waste is allowed and not allowed to be placed in the skip. Hazardous waste like lead acid batteries, gas cylinders, asbestos, fluorescent tubes, gasoline, paints, televisions, monitors and fridges are not allowed due to environmental and safety issues. General waste like cardboard, paper, metal, glass, wood, soil, concrete, and even bricks are generally acceptable. If you are unsure about the disposal process, check with the skip company on the certain types of items that are allowed to be safely disposed of.

Recycling waste

The disposal of your waste does not just end there: waste will be sorted out at a processing plant (or at the skip company) in order to be recycled. Some skip companies encourage their clients to sort recyclable waste like plastic, glass, paper and even metal before disposing of it. Certain companies are well-equipped to transport recyclable waste and they have on-site specialists to sort the waste out if you are unsure of doing it.

Whether you require a skip or looking to dispose of your recyclable waste, always engage a company that is socially responsible in recycling the waste products, able to offer you additional services like on-site sorting of waste, or even having trained employees to address any of your queries.

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