Sunday 24 February 2019
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Discover The Beauty of Quartz Worktops

There really is nothing more appealing than a high-quality worktop material that excels in both looks and function. Quartz worktops do this for you by offering practicality and unaltered beauty to various home settings.

Quartz, also referred to as the ‘engineered stone’, is an elegant, sleek, and durable worktop that has excellent hygienic qualities. Since quality quartz worktops are made to be highly non-porous; deadly germs and virus, as well as awful stains,  won’t get left behind after you clean the surface.

If you want to know more about this product, here are some of the things you should know before purchasing your very own quartz worktops:

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Little ToNo Maintenance

Worktop surfaces should still look excellent while being low maintenance. Unlike some of the traditional stone worktops such as marble and granite, quartz requires little to maintenance. Aside from cleaning it daily with the use of any gentle household cleaning solution, no additional upkeep method is needed.

Stain Resistance

The excellent quality of the entire production process when making this worktop guarantees that they are extremely non-porous, so you can rest assured that this worktop material is highly resilient to different stains, even the stubborn ones.

Scratch Resistance

High-quality worktops are sturdy enough to keep up with everyday usage, and Quartz does its job pretty well. Aside from that, the scratch resistance quality of Quartz worktops allows it to preserve its polished finish, even after using it for so many years. Nevertheless, just like any other essential units in your kitchen, be sure not to expose them to extreme temperatures.

Strength and Durability

Engineered stones are remarkably robust, and yet they are considerably more flexible than natural worktop materials such as granite, which is why they are less susceptible to breaks and cracks.

Additional Tips:

  1. If you want to achieve that extra bit of sparkle after cleaning your worktops, spray some window cleaner on the surface and rub it off with a dry paper towel. This simple hack will also lessen the amount of dust build-up on your worktop.

  1. By combining natural materials and vibrant colours into the design, you can produce a sense of style and dimension. Make use of neutral colours as the overall palette of the space, while integrating some deep tones to liven up the room.

Lastly, one of the top reasons why homeowners opt for Quartz worktops rather than purchasing traditional stone materials, such as granite and marble, is because they are more porous, which means they need to be resealed every once in a while to maintain their role as a worktop. Fortunately, with Quartz, you do not have to deal with any of that!


The Marble Store specializes in designing and manufacturing the finest quality worktops for their UK consumers. Over 16 years of experience in responding to the unique needs of the stone industry made them one of the grand producers of granite worktops in the country. Now, with the trust of most consumers, they are now able to produce different edge details and finishes that will make most homeowners fall in love with their creations.

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