Saturday 23 February 2019
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Custom fitted wardrobes at Metro Wardrobes

Would you like to make a bedroom that you will love for a long time to come? Well, now you can, as we have proffered some extremely effective points to allow you to accomplish this. Have you ever visited a friend who lives out of town and you were opportune to enter his bedroom on entering there you should have stopped to shout in amazement? Several things could have gained your attention. It could be the furniture setting or the painting this could have enticed you and want you to change your bedroom plan to add fitted furniture just as you’ve seen at your friends place. The secret behind a fitted bedroom lies in the furniture layout. A bedroom with fitted wardrobe consists of fitted furniture which makes the room adorable.  Fitted wardrobes or better known as built-in wardrobes offer a reasonable method to enhance your room while adding elegance and design to your home. With a wide combination of colors and materials and that is why you need our service at METRO WARDROBES.

With fitted wardrobes, it is intended to fit your preferred space. It will go from the floor of your room to the roof without unnecessary gaps. This must be useful as far as covering those unbalanced spaces, for example, inclining roofs. Notwithstanding, you can make extremely helpful cabinet space for putting away those additional items, such as handbags or shoes.

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A freestanding wardrobe could however be disappointing in a situation whereby you discovered it couldn’t fit in your desired location? A fitted wardrobe is the best option for you.  In this case, it is however high time you ordered for one.

If you are building a new home, you should be thinking of adding fitted furniture to your rooms most especially your bedroom. However there are several benefits of including fitted wardrobes in your bedroom plan. You could also decide to make every of your furniture fitted. Fitted furniture will occupy exactly the amount of space you want to designate for it regardless of the building size or lot. It is however, advisable to include a fitted bedroom in your building plan, this s to avoid unnecessary spaces in the room also to beautify it.

METRO WARDROBES is the best option when it comes custom fitted wardrobes. We provide our clients with custom designs for your bedroom. We use the best materials to derive perfect consumer’s satisfaction. METRO WARDROBES work on your plan and we could design a perfect plan for you. Our designs include the following:

  • Hanging rails
  • Adjustable shelves
  • And also cabinets for other personal belongings such as hand bags or shoes.

At METRO WARDROBES, We offer our bests to our clients to ensure maximum satisfaction. We deliver our interior storage systems for wardrobes in the supply of different varieties. The design which suits you best will depend on your storage needs and budget.


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