Sunday 24 February 2019
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Crowdfunding for vocational training for rural women

In India, it’s not uncommon for women to have to fight for their right to complete their education or build a career. Infact, in urban India too, women are constantly battling the mindset of employers that hiring a woman (regardless of her qualifications) is a risky because she will get married or have children soon, and consequently won’t be fit for the job. In rural India, women are still being married off at a young age to start and look after the family, where she is completely dependent on her family for financial support. Through this article we aim to explore the possibilities of economic empowerment for rural women, by starting crowdfunding India campaigns to conduct vocational training programs.

Vocational training is a skill based learning program that prepares people for jobs in various field. This may include developing a skill, craft, language and communication, and hands on training to conduct a small or large scale business. Vocational training for rural women would be especially valuable given that most rural women lack even basic academic education. At Impact Guru, our aim is to encourage people, organizations, and nonprofits to use crowdfunding India platforms and conduct vocational training programs in different villages and region of India. In doing so we will not only improve the quality of life, but also make them independent and self-sufficient through economic empowerment.

In the past, Impact Guru has been able to support numerous initiatives and social enterprises started and successfully run by women, leading us to realize the potential of a crowdfunding India in women empowerment. To give you an inspiring example, last year a campaign that was started on Impact Guru called ‘Bicycles for Mukti’, whose target was to raise Rs 4,80,000, ended up raising Rs 8,55,992 in just 99 days. Their initiative was ensure that girls and women living in vulnerable conditions would have menstrual hygiene supplies. The 12 women who started this, needed funds to purchase bicycles that they would ride to different areas, and provide eco friendly and biodegradable sanitary napkins. Their crowdfunding initiative not only enabled them to help several women, but also to remove the stigma around menstruation, and preventing women from dropping out of school due to it.

We do understand that running vocational programs all over the country is a challenge – challenges of a logistical, and financial nature. To begin with, one would have to find skilled volunteers or teacher from different fields, who would be able and willing to impart their skill based knowledge to rural women. Resources and materials that would complement vocational programs too, can increase the cost. Finally, the logistical and operational expenses need to be factored in too. Fortunately, alternative funding techniques such as crowdfunding have provided the ultimate financial solution too all these problems.

By starting a quick, easy, and free crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru, just about anyone can raise money for an initiative to improve the lives or rural women. Start your campaign today!

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