Thursday 13 December 2018
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Costa Blanca Magic – What Makes it a Property Hotspot?

The Costa Blanca is also referred to as the “Florida of Europe” and has always been a top destination for UK ex-pats. For decades Spain was considered an “Eden” of inexpensive property: A sunny paradise that had yet to be discovered. Things have changed as Spain has grown with its popularity, but there are still plenty of bargains to be found. And one thing will never change – The sunny Mediterranean climate boasting long summers and short winters. Additionally, in comparison to the majority of European countries, Spanish property still offers excellent value for money.

Costa Blanca Magic

Renowned as one of the healthiest places to live in Europe, the Costa Blanca stretches along the east coast for almost one hundred and twenty-five miles. There are three airports, Alicante, Valencia and San Javier which makes the region easily accessible. With easy access, miles of sandy beaches and a great climate (320 days of sunshine a year!), it’s not so hard to understand why the Costa Blanca has become a hotspot for people purchasing retirement homes as well as holiday and investment property.

Historically the Costa Blanca has primarily been a “retirement destination”. However, things have changed over the last decade. Today the area attracts younger entrepreneurs which has boosted the demand for sales and rentals creating a healthy environment for investors. Nevertheless, despite its growing popularity and population the Costa Blanca remains relatively unspoilt with a traditional, friendly vibe – Keeping that Spanish feel which appeals to foreigners and Spanish alike. With a myriad of quaint Spanish towns along picturesque coastlines, a relaxed lifestyle that is virtually always filled with sunshine, the Costa Blanca certainly has a lot to offer. For those seeking a more up-beat lifestyle there are more densely populated towns as well, with lively beaches and nightlife. Without doubt, there is something for everyone on the Costa Blanca!

Practically Perfect

Over and over medical research has indicated that the Costa Blanca has a practically perfect environment to obtain a healthier lifestyle. The dry climate has helped Rheumatism and Arthritis sufferers improve and the relaxed lifestyle suits those with heart problems. Additionally, the clean air of small coastal towns like Javea, Denia and Moraira is good for Asthma sufferers – There has also been a lot of research indicating that people who live in places with less sunshine, colder and wetter climates tend to become more depressed. Without doubt, there are lots of very good reasons to come and enjoy life on the Costa Blanca!

Onwards and Upwards

As the popularity of Spain has grown so has the infrastructure. Today the Costa Blanca has a solid network of motorways, railroads, airports, hospitals and schools, which makes it even more appealing than ever for people looking to retire abroad or purchase a holiday home. Statistics show that in excess of forty million people visit every year, which bodes particularly well for holiday rentals. If you are considering buying a property on the Costa Blanca and want more information you will find a lot more here – You’re just a click away from Eden!

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