Saturday 23 February 2019
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Consider The Possibilities Of The Glow In The Dark Walkway

You will see a lot of shimmer this summer with the glow in the dark walkway which is growing in popularity among homeowners for one reason too many. You must have noticed most homeowners are taking onto this style using the glow-in-the-dark rocks everywhere in their garden, walkways and driveways this summer. It has become the latest landscaping trend which is not only beautiful but is also the most practical way to reduce the cost of lighting up a driveway. This new luminous landscaping trend will shine your patio, garden or any outdoor dining spaces to add beauty and value to your property.

Choose from various types

The possibilities with these glow in the dark stones seems to be endless. You will get various types of rocks, stones and pebbles in different shapes, sizes, and color. These stones sold usually in bundles are made from Polystyrene. This material is non-radioactive and non-toxic and therefore is absolutely safe to use. These stones absorb sunlight and energy during the day and then after sunset will start and keep on glowing for at least two to three hours. If you plan to design a moon garden or after-dark pool parties then these luminous beauties can be a real ‘wow’ element.

Use of paint

If you are unsure and apprehensive and want to see its effect first before investing on such a luminous driveway you can try out the glow in the dark paint for that matter. Buy a pack of paint from a reliable manufacturer, paint a set of such luminous stones, cluster them into a specific luminous formation, sprinkle along a walkway and make Van Gogh jealous you’re your own creation of a luminous and artistic walkway leading to the house. Make sure you paint each stone with a couple of coats and use a finish to seal the color.

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