Friday 22 March 2019
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Common House Items That Needs That Upgrading This 2018

Admit it, you’re that person who is updated with that new iPhone release and the latest laptop processor, but you have a house full of that standard, keep-it-while-it’s-okay appliances. These appliances may still work, but there are several better counterparts on the market. They aren’t only just tech-boosted, they are also eco-friendly saving you money on that energy bill and helping protect the environment. Here are five common appliances lying around in our house that might need that share of upgrading.

1.Plugs and Outlets

These things in the walls are often not given a second thought. But did you know, that there’s a safe and smart new electrical outlet that can replace the potentially dangerous traditional one? This new outlet comes with a smart sensor that only works if it senses a plug and not you or your little one’s finger. You can now have that ease of mind and not worry about where your little ones are putting their little finger on.

Another smart invention, the iDevices, is a plug that you can control with your phone. Think about when you’ve left the TV on while going to work (well, it happens), you can just turn it off with a swipe on your smartphone. It’s efficient and a time-saver.

  1. Dishwasher

Dishwashers have come a long way since their introduction in —. Features like removable trays, pre-soak cycles, adjustable racks and improved dry systems have been added throughout the years. And it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Companies like GE have introduced a unique reversing quad-blade lower wash arm that provides full coverage and this Silverware Spray technology from Whirlpool that can clean even that peanut butter stuck on your spoon.  These are just some cool features that will leave your dishes squeaky clean while ensuring the efficient use of water.

  1. Washing Machine

Gone were the days where people need to do laundry by hand with the introduction of washing machines. But high water consumption comes hand in hand with this bulky device. Many tech companies have introduced features to address this problem. But what if you only want to spin that jacket for tonight’s dinner? Worry no more as mini washers are the trend right now. Or if you have an existing LG washing machine, you can outfit a mini washer below the full-sized one with their LG Twin Wash System. This way you can save water.

  1. Sink

Thinking of replacing your sink with those unsightly stains and scratches due to dropped plates and sharp utensils? Save money with this sink that can take a beating. BLANCO’s Silgranit II sinks are a combination of granite, acrylic resin and ceramic components that make them unscratchable and easier to clean. You’ll just not save water from cleaning; you can also avoid future replacements and save money.

  1. Toilet Bowl

From outhouse to automatic flushing toilets, toilet bowls have their share when it comes to innovations. Bidets have seen a rise in popularity in the West in recent years. Besides being more hygienic than toilet papers, these bathroom innovations will save you from that toilet paper bill. Did you know that it takes one tree to produce 100 pounds of tissue paper? That’s 27,000 trees cut down every day to meet toilet paper demand. So why not go eco-friendly and give bidet a chance. From hand-held bidet to attachable bidets, there are many varieties available in the market for you to choose from. Moreover, most bidet & toilet combo are also easily attached and can be up and running within 15 minutes.

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