Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Colourful and innovative candles for spiritual purposes

Candles are used in many spiritual ceremonies due to symbolic values attached to them. The way a candle burns indicates various spiritual occurrences. There are varied kinds of innovative candles for use in rituals or for simply decorating the house and enhancing the ambiance. Such kinds of candles are widely available in the online stores.

The website wisdom has the following collection of candles for sale.

7 day candles

7 day candles are long burning candles which bring various benefits such as good luck, love, healing, money, peace, etc. The candles come in various colours with each colour representing a purpose. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of 7 day candles.

Round pillar pull out candles are made of 100% wax and come with reversible wicks. These candles easily fit inside a 7 day candle glass and can be pulled out of it with ease. The candles are of unscented variety. The pull out candles are available in a plethora of colours. Significance of each colour has been mentioned here.

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  • Black coloured pull out candles provide protection against dark forces, black magic, adversity and evil spirits.
  • Blue coloured pull out candles signify wisdom, health, truth, honesty, fidelity, kindness, patience, sincerity, devotion, loyalty, immortality and much more.
  • Purple coloured pull out candles can be burnt for progress, independence, pride, ambition, psychic power, etc.
  • Red pullout candles represent sex, love, energy, will power, strength, courage, etc.
  • Pink candles are burnt for femininity, leadership, spiritual awakening, love, unselfishness, affection and much more.

Seven day glass candles also feature in the collection of wisdom The glass candles are aesthetically appealing and bring positive energy into the house for all the seven days of the week. For example, 7 day glass candle in red/black colour, 7 day glass candle in gold/purple, etc.




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