Saturday 23 February 2019
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Checklist on How to Improve the Life of Your House

The house I live in is only four years old.  However, unfortunately it had started showing some signs of wear and tear like cracks and damages. I immediately hired the services of a MEP Engineering firm to get my house revamped and repaired. This burnt a hole in my pocket. I really had to spend a huge amount to get my house overhauled by a professional contractor. The contractor was an extremely nice and kind man. He suggested me a few important tips to avoid such frequent remodeling and to improve the longevity of the house. Trust me, these tips proved to be really helpful. So, here I want to share some of them with you.

Inspect and maintain the gutters: my engineer advised me to regularly inspect and maintain the gutters to ensure longevity of the house. So, now I always make it a point to clean the gutters regularly, ensuring that they are free from dry leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris. I also wipe them to clean the accumulated moss and grasses (at least once a week) by using a good cleaning agent. Apart from cleaning, I even inspect if there is any leak at the joints on the gutters. If any, then seal them with roofing sealant. Covering gutters with gutter guard is also a great way to protect them from leaves and debris and stop them to prematurely rusting due to moisture.

Doors and windows: Close attention should be paid to the doors and windows. Check out if there is any crack or damage. If so, repair it immediately. Doors and windows should be washed and vacuumed in order to keep them clean and well-maintained. Paint them as well (once in a month or so) to ensure their longevity. Some of the ideal colors for doors and windows are white, off-white, beige and brown. To protect the windows from scorching sun, wind and hail, it is best to install sun shades. Choose the shades that go well with the colors of the doors and windows.

Roofing: My home remodeling contractor suggested me that no matter what kind of roofing material makes up the roof, it is important to regularly inspect. Keeping the roof free from debris, leaves, and branches is one of the vital things to do to ensure its cleanliness. Check out for the signs of discoloration like black or streaks. This indicates the accumulation of mold and fungus on the roof.  Also, check out for damages and see if there is any torn or missing shingle. Look for water leakage as well, because this can not only harm your attic but also the interior walls.

Electrical safety: Ensuring electrical safety of the house is also important to ensure longevity of the house. Inspect the wires of your house to ensure that there is no sign of wear and tear. If possible, get the wires checked by electrical contractors, at least once a month. This will help you to be assured whether the wirings are in good condition. Also, keep the wires organized and cluttered.

These are some of the tips that I was provided with by the home remodeling contractor. They proved to be extremely helpful and so I, believe that they will help you as well.

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