Friday 22 March 2019
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Carpet Stain Removal Methods for Types of Carpet Stains

When it comes to carpet stain removal, time is of great importance. Any unnecessary delay in removing stain from your carpet will cause irreparable loss to the carpet. Therefore, when your carpet becomes stained, remember to act fast by blotting — not rubbing — the stain and get the moisture removed from spills as quickly as possible.

Different carpet stain removal methods apply to different kinds of stains. As long as you know how to handle each stain, carpet cleaning is actually an easy task. Discussed below are some common carpet stains and the carpet stain removal you can use to get rid of the stain easily.

Alcohol and Soda Stains

The best carpet stain removal for alcohol and soda stains would be white vinegar together with detergent. You can either make a separate solution of the two or mix both with warm water. First apply the white vinegar and complete it with the detergent solution. You can use white wine to remove red wine from your carpet.

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Bubble Gum Stain

This is one of the most obstinate stains you can ever experience on your carpet. The carpet stain removal method for bubble gum stain will start by removing whatever you can with your hands. After that, put some ice in a bag and apply it to the gum to solidify it. Start peeling the gum out of the carpet with a spoon or any similar dull object, once it has been hardened. After that, wash off with detergent. You can use a desiccated solvent spot cleaner, if some stains are not removed.

Paint Stain

The carpet stain removal method for paint depends on the type of paint. Make sure you act immediately in case of latex or acrylic paint. In order to absorb the excess paint and prevent it from sleeping through, put cloth and then clean it with a detergent solution. If you still notice some stains afterward, dab some rubbing alcohol to the spot. You can use mineral spirits to remove oil-based paints from your carpet. Just apply it to the spot by dabbing with a piece of cloth to prevent the stain from spreading to other parts of your carpet.

Coffee or Tea Stain

You can use the mixture of detergent to remove coffee or tea stain from your carpet. Apply it to the stain, rinse and blot. Use a commercial spot carpet cleaner, if a stain remains.

Fat-based Stains

These stains are applicable to foods like gravy, margarine, or butter. Make use of a dry solvent spot carpet cleaner to remove.

Tomato Sauce Stain

When it comes to Carpet stain removal for tomato stain, all you need to do is to sponge the carpet with cool water, dab with a citrus-oxygen cleaner or detergent solution. Rinse with 1 cup of white vinegar solution and 2 cups of water and blot until dry.

Vomit, Urine, and feces Stains

For these types of stains, apply citrus-oxygen cleaner or detergent solution, rinse, and blot until dry.

Melted Wax Stain

Melted wax carpet stain removal is done by using similar treatment as gum. Harden the carpet with ice cubes in plastic bags and scrapping. Humidify with a clean white cloth or cotton ball together with rubbing alcohol, and blot to eliminate any remaining wax.

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