Wednesday 24 April 2019
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At the end of a long day, what better way to relax than a recliner? Here’s how to find the reclining chair you are looking for while respecting your budget.

Types of recliners

Traditional: It can be adjusted in two positions; slanted and straight. The location is changed by pushing a lever or leaning against the chair back. This is the most common and affordable model and has a wide range of options.

Rocking or Swiveling: This chair combines the style of a rocking chair with a traditional reclining chair. Choose this type of armchair for the nursery to cradle your baby to sleep in comfort.

Electric: This plugs into a wall outlet and tilts at the touch of a button. This chair is designed for people with reduced mobility.

Massage: In addition to comfort, imagine that your chair can also give you a message. This model is equipped with vibrant mechanical parts that eliminate tension in your back muscles. If you opt for a massage chair, remember that they are costly and usually very heavy. The offers you the options.


Additional features often give your chair a beautiful appearance and improve your well-being.

A fabric covering: Wool, cotton, microfiber and polyester are common chair coverings. Each of these coatings can match your needs and the decor of your home. Wool is probably the most durable coating, but it is expensive and pales in the sun. If stains are a concern, microfiber is perhaps the most comfortable fabric to clean.

Leather: The reclining leather chair is the ultimate in absolute relaxation. However, it is expensive and requires regular maintenance. If you need a leather chair, you can always save money by buying a model with a leather and vinyl blend. Also, a special leather-like vinyl is usually used on poorly visible pieces.

Removable folder: A removable backrest is more comfortable to reposition since you have to remove the backrest and reposition your chair.

Adjustable cushions: Choose an armchair with adjustable cushions to enjoy a custom fit.

Factors to consider when buying

  • Space is the most critical factor to consider when buying a new recliner.
  • Reclining chairs are available in both standard and oversize formats.
  • Look for chairs for confined spaces if you run out of an area.

The small chairs take just a few inches to tilt rather than the three feet required by most standard recliners. This will prevent you from hitting any object or wall when tipping the chair.

Your chair is your throne. This is the chair in which you want to sit down to relax after a long day. Consider the different types and features of recliners to find the one that best suits your needs and best fits your home.

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