Sunday 24 February 2019
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Best coating and waterproofing to add to the life of your deck

You have selected the best timber for the manufacturing of the deck and for the roof. It is quite likely that you would like to have the best available coating and water proofing system for your home. When it comes to select the best paint and coating you can trust only on Choose the product which suits your requirement.

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How to choose the best coating for your deck?

  • Selecting the paint; the first thing which comes to the mind is the type of surface the product is going to be used, type of usage, the product is going to be placed.
  • If a deck is being used frequently and above the living area then the water proofing is to be done properly .The paint is applied to form many layers over the surface to ensure proper water proofing.
  • There is deck sealant coating is available that can be used to add to the life of the deck. It allows the original texture and color of the wood to show. The sealant should be used after a gap of 18 months.

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How to prepare the surface for painting?

  • Surface of the deck and roof should be cleaned with the help of power washer. Stripping the upper surface of the deck is the prerequisite before applying the sealing coat on the surface of the deck. After the finishing of the stripping you can start with the painting process.
  • A good primer should be used over the surface of the wood. Primer ensures that the paint applied will be looking great.
  • Semi transparent acrylic paint is to be applied on the deck to ensure that water does not stay on the surface of the deck.

You must go through the instructions mentioned on the paint and do the re-coating of the paint as per the recommendation of the company.

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