Sunday 24 February 2019
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Benefits of Having a Glaztech Pet Door

Dogs and cats thrive in a healthy and active environment with an owner who’s looking out for their best interests. Providing your family pet with a door of their own has many benefits towards you and the animal.

With modern technology and advanced materials, Glaztech pet doors are more popular than ever. These doors are innovative and durable while being primarily designed for glass and timber installations.

Safety Benefits

Allowing your pet the freedom to come and go from your home gives them protection for when you’re not around. Many dog owners have taken a quick trip to the store and left their pet in the backyard on a sunny and cool afternoon. When suddenly a severe thunderstorm comes out of nowhere and your best friend is stuck outside to deal with the elements.

A pet door can not only allow your dog or cat to avoid severe weather changes, but it can also protect them from a fire. A door allows them to escape from the home while alerting your neighbors to the fire that is taking place.

Health Benefits

The main reason a pet door helps with your dog’s health is that it isn’t good for them to hold off going to the bathroom for extended periods of time. Having your dog hold their urine can often lead to a development of bacteria, similar to what happens to humans who hold it too long. Holding their urine over time can lead to incontinence, bladder stones and kidney infections.

A Glaztech door also helps to keep your pet active. Just like people, your dog and cat needs to run and play in order to keep them at optimal health. When your pet gets to be active, they are less likely to get bored and tear objects up in your home. Compulsive chewing on furniture and shoes, along with scratching at doors and walls can be from a lack of activity in their lives.

Benefits for You

Cleaning up an accident or listening to excessive barking can take a toll on your health too. With a pet door, those incidents will become a thing of the past.

Pet doors will provide freedom in your life, just like it does for your dog. You can take a walk with them when you feel like it, not have to pay for a sitter, and you’ll never have to get up again to let them out.

Benefit of Protection

Allowing your pet to explore in and out of the house is a great deterrent for robbers and thieves. Your dog can easily scare of intruders while alerting you at the same time.



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