Sunday 24 February 2019
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Automation drive in your bathroom

The latest development in the technology is going to make the hand driven faucets things of yester years. The latest in the range of the faucets are the automatic bathroom faucets. These faucets are also known as sensor driven faucets. They are automatic in nature and as soon as you put your hand under the faucet the water will come out automatically. You need not to drive the faucet from your hand to get the water.

How does the automatic faucet works?

The automatic faucet consists of solenoid, presence of sensors and electronics, batteries and faucet spout. When a person puts his hands under the faucet the presence of sensors and electronics instruct the solenoid to start the flow of water. The message is send to solenoid to stop the flow of water as soon as the object is not visible. The message from solenoid to the spout is send through the fiber optic cables. The faucet contains batteries too to supply power to the various components of the faucet.

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Unique types of bathroom faucets

These are the new range of sink faucets which changes the flow of water from the faucet. They change the flow of water from normal to waterfall mode. It will feel as if you are washing your hands under waterfall. These unique bathroom sink faucets also come in more mesmerizing features like LED light coming from the spout of the faucet. These lights could be different colors giving a new look to your bathroom.

Color changing waterfall spread faucet

This faucet comes with unique features as the flow of the water will be like water fall and that too spread to its full width. To make the faucet more lucrative it has the light coming out from the spout and the light is also changes at a fixed interval of time. You will be exhibiting the faucet to the visitors which comes with so many qualities.

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