Sunday 24 February 2019
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Are Surveillance Cameras worth it?  

Right now, there are any number of questions plaguing the mind and the above is one vital one to ponder on. Does one, in this time and age, really need a surveillance camera, to view the world at large from within the safety of their homes, on the off chance of catching something? The something might be a crime in progress or proof of a nuisance maker or even a possibility of danger and to have a visible proof of any of these and more in hand makes having a surveillance camera a requirement.

But, still, one must ask, does one need it? To be in throes of suspicion and paranoia at any given minute about what is going on with the world at large. At the same time, to be also informed as to the status of the person with regards to their own safety and well being as well as their family’s. It seems like such a tough choice to make, a piece of simple equipment for the sake of their peace of mind, weighting and infringing on life itself with pessimistic possibilities. Here we take a look at the whole scenario and see if surveillance cameras are worth it.

There have been instances when a criminal has been caught due to the public and private videos available to the authorities, covering either public or private spaces and property. There have also been instances that even with the help of surveillance cameras, an attack or crime could not be duly prevented due to an excess amount of data available at any time and the overlapping of video feed. This just goes on to show that while surveillance cameras are useful, they don’t have that much of an impact as might have been expected.

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Politicians and law enforcement officers persistently insist that surveillance cameras hold a measurable value as an instrument of keeping the public safe. On the other hand privacy law layers and advocates as well as security experts state that such a huge number of cameras in the public merely degrade privacy and also tunnel away resources from more urgent issues related to security. California’s Centre for Information Technology Research in the interest of Society did a pre-emptive examination of San Francisco’s effectiveness when it came to surveillance cameras and found out that while cameras help reduce petty crimes, it did not deter the violent ones.

The consensus is that cameras are double-edged swords and can be and are indeed leading to a public way of life where every individual in a city is in the camera lens, whether inside their own homes or outside of it. There is no place in big cities where the surroundings are not monitored and yet crime continues, through the leaks that even such an even surveillance provides. This means that for any person wondering if whether to purchase a surveillance camera or not, it is a better bet to buy one to be in the loop and be safe as much as possible.


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