Saturday 23 February 2019
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A Useful Guide to Choose the Right Pasta Maker

Technology has been surprising us in every part of our lives and it was natural that technology would bring exciting cool new productsto our kitchen. Are you a foodiewho loves to make your own delicacies, but constantly find yourself a little short of time?Then you must be looking for ways to make food quickly. One of the quickest ways of making a variety of food is to add a range of useful appliances that can cut down the cooking time to your kitchen. A noodle pasta maker is one such appliance that can be added to your kitchen appliance collection.

There are many pasta makers in the market. If you want a multifunctional pasta maker that functions to the best of its abilities and isn’t that expensive either, then you should make sure it has the following features and points:

  1. Automatic Mixing Operation:

Some noodle and pasta makers might be cheaper,but they sometimes don’t offer automatic mixing operation. Due to this, you would have to put in dough into the machine and it just heats it up and blends the flavour into the noodles or pasta. Therefore, this doesn’t reduce your work, but increases it, so go with a pasta maker that has automatic mixing operation.

  1. Automatic Kneading and Extruding Operation:

After mixing comes extruding and kneading. The noodles and pasta generally become entangled after boiling them. If you accidentally over boil them, they become really difficult to eat also. So, many pasta makers have the option of separating and extruding the noodles and pasta so that you get hygienic and fresh food rather than something that is hard to swallow. Therefore, always go fora pasta maker with automatic extruding and kneading operation.

  1. Variety of Food:

There are some pasta makers, which are specific to pasta only. They do make different types of pasta, but are limited to pasta only. If you are a foodie, then you would obviously need pasta makers that can make more than just pasta. Therefore, opt for a pasta maker that can make multiple variety of food. There are noodle and pasta makers that can make pasta, noodles, gujiya and even momos within a few minutes.

  1. Different Shaping Dies:

Some pasta makers have options of making different variety of food, but the shaping dies are very limited. In such cases, there’s limited number of pasta shapes you can try making. Therefore, you should choose a noodle and pasta maker, which has at least seven different shaping dies as this would allow you to make gujiya, momos, pasta and noodles of different shapes and sizes. If that goes over your budget, then go for a fewer dies.

  1. Compatible with Different Ingredients:

Some pasta makers would allow you only to add raw pasta and some spices and water. If you want to spice up your food with different varieties and recipes, then you should go for a noodle and pasta maker that can be compatible with a variety of ingredients like vegetable juices, herbs, eggs etc. This way, you can customize your noodles and pasta dishes in such a way that it suits your needs. For example, if you are a health fanatic as well as a foodie, then you can use healthier flour and ingredients to make your pasta and noodles nutritious.

If you keep these points in mind when you go out for shopping for your noodle and pasta maker, you would get an easy-to-use pasta maker, which is very user friendly and easy to clean or store. The budget of such a noodle and pasta maker is also within the range of a common middle class family.Therefore,you could easily afford it as well. So, go ahead and buy a pasta maker that suits all your needs and budget.

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