Sunday 24 February 2019
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A Quick Look at the Benefits of Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning

If you are one of the smaller percentage of this population who has allergies, you know how important it is to keep a clean home. You might also think that using harsh chemicals to do so is a bit counterintuitive.  Indeed, using chemicals to keep your home allergen free does not necessarily guarantee a problem-free home life, as some chemicals can have harsh smells or even produce reactions that are similar to many allergies).

Instead of using chemicals to keep your home clean and allergen-free, perhaps you should consider dry vapor steam cleaning.


Dry vapor steam cleaning is a method of cleaning that is actually quite similar to traditional steam cleaning. One major difference, though, is that dry vapor steam cleaning uses a fraction of water that steam cleaning would otherwise use.  This minute amount of water is heated to 240 degrees F (or higher), which basically produces a “dry” steam vapor.

This method of steam cleaning is also considered “dry” because the technique does not result in the transfer of water or any dampness in the fabric.  Essentially, it is the high temperature that does all the cleaning, which also simultaneously sanitizes.  Since they only use steam, you don’t have to use any cleaning chemicals.


Traditional chemical cleaners tend to only remove surface materials, which means that potentially infectious and dangerous microorganisms can remain behind.  Dry vapor steam cleaners, on the other hand, not only remove dirt and grime and other particles that can stain a fabric, but they can do so on both hard and soft surfaces safely.  Furthermore, high-powered dry vapor steam cleaners can also melt away mildew and remove stubborn pet dander and even dust mites and dust from upholstery and carpets.


Dry vapor steam cleaning may actually be the best home cleaning strategy when it comes to allergies.  Because of their excellent ability to remove not only dust but also dust mites, they are a very good choice for home cleaning.  Since they are also quite effective at collecting pet dander, these are good tools for keeping carpets, upholstery, and even mattresses free from allergens, often for as long as 2 months at a time.  That is 8 whole weeks of breathing and sleeping easier in a healthy, allergen-free home environment!

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