Sunday 24 February 2019
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A Guide to Solar Water Heating

  • Sunshine

The energy produced by the sun can be harvested for free! Solar Water Heating Systems do just this, they reap the sun’s gift and use the energy produced to heat our water supply.

Solar Water Heating Systems (otherwise known as Solar Thermal Systems) have benefited in technological advancements and the urgent need to find cheaper renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources.

Let’s be honest the sun just sits there all day being hot, it’s about time we put it to some good use!

  • Cloud

There is of course a downside, especially for those of us who live in less tropical areas of the UK. During the winter months particularly, the sun is a weaker less frequent visitor to our skies. Therefore, for most of us, a back-up traditional immersion or boiler system is nonetheless still necessary.

Nevertheless, a Solar Heating System remains a no-brainer, OK, you may have to retain a traditional boiler or immersion system but a solar system will undoubtedly deliver decent savings.

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  • Overall benefits of solar water heating

The most attractive benefit is, of course, cheaper energy, with reduced water heating expenses. Sure enough, you’ll have to make an initial payment for the installation of your new solar system, but these costs will be recuperated in no time whatsoever.

The other major benefit relates to the environment, a Solar Water Heating system reduces our ‘carbon footprint’; the energy source is renewable and environmentally friendly. Green is good!

  • What exactly does the installation involve?

The system requires the instalment of solar roof panels. The roof panels (collectors) reap the sun’s energy and uses it to heat a water cylinder.

An immersion heater or boiler provides back-up in order to maintain optimum water temperature throughout the year.

  • Which company should I employ?

Installation, in the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable engineer is reasonable straight forward.

However, ensure that the company you employ has the necessary credentials; an impressive portfolio, sound personal recommendations and a helpful, informative demeanour.

Whatever the task, always employ an appropriate specialist!

  • A few helpful tips

The first thing to consider is, does your property receive sufficient sunlight?

If your roof is shaded for most of the day then probably it’s a ‘no go’. Generally, a north facing roof will just not receive sufficient, if any, sunlight.  An unshaded south facing roof is most favourable.

Although, it’s worth bearing in mind that, solar panels can be attached vertically to a suitable wall.

Wherever you choose to affix, you’ll require an adequate area to accommodate an effective expanse of panels.

Should you be unsure on any issues, then seek advice from your preferred supplier.

You’ll need to ensure that you have sufficient space for the installation of the extra water cylinder. Also, be advised as to the compatibility of your existing boiler of immersion system. Are they compatible with the new solar system? Usually they are.

  • Other issues

Solar Water Heating is seen as a general benefit to both individuals and the environment. Governments, local councils etc. actively encourage their installation.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, always check with local planning conditions and restriction.

Solar systems are low maintenance and you can expect a lengthy warranty; 5 years as a guide. Read the small print to establish exactly how you stand in the unlikely event of problems.

A credited supplier will no doubt be able to advise as to legalregulations and guide you through the whole process, from installation to on-going maintenance.

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