Friday 19 April 2019
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7 Reasons why Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes are the Best

It is no brainer to know that almost everyone nowadays is in dire need of getting a wardrobe that would create more storage space for their clothes. You do have an option of going with wardrobe designs that are free-standing,but then they do not offer the freedom of customization a built-in wardrobe would.

Here are 7amazing reasons why you need to consider bespoke fitted wardrobes a little more seriously.

They blend well

This is the best thing about having pieces of furniture made on order. From the material to the color you choose, everything is made keeping your demands in mind.This allows you to get a design made that would make these wardrobes look like an expensive piece of furniture which blends well with the rest of your room.

They can be as expensive as you want

No more having to go out of the budget anymore! These bespoke fitted wardrobes can be made within your pre-decided cost and thus can be very economical.

They offer more space

They offer twice as much space as a freestanding wardrobe would offer. This space is even more in a room which offersa rather awkward space for making a wardrobe. When compared to ordinary wardrobes, the bespoke fitted wardrobes offer 35% more storage space.

They work well with the available space

The fact that you are seeking another wardrobe goes out to show that you are running short of space.Thus, the possibility of you having enough space in your room to get a stand-in wardrobe that would perfectly fit the available spaceis very thin. The customized fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, are made keeping your room and its space allocation in mind.

They come with ample choices

You do not have to stick to the traditional wardrobe designs. With wardrobes that are being made specifically for you, there is the opportunity to fit any design feature you would want. Be it the hinged doors or sliding drawers; the designers would be all the happier to cater to your demands. There is no restriction on the number of drawers, the color and the material that is being used to make them.

They are an investment

Most of the people often look at the bespoke fitted wardrobes as a waste of money since they are not portable. But while you can’t take them with you when you move or relocate, these wardrobes would be a step up in the original value of your property. Buyers are often happy to pay more for extra storage space: a trend which has been observed closely in the UK in recent times.

They help avoid mistakes

With customized wardrobes, you don’t make mistakes and can actually make decisions that would mean fewer maintenance costs and efforts down the line. When it comes to bespoke fitted wardrobes, make sure that you make the right choice and only go to the best to get the job done.

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