Saturday 23 February 2019
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6 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Homes

In today’s Guelph real estate market, selling your home for the right amount is no easy task, especially if it’s your first time. And if you don’t work with an experienced Guelph real estate agent, the whole process can become quite stressful, if not daunting. It is no wonder most first-time home sellers make lots of mistakes.

Today, we have rounded up 6 mistakes most home sellers make so you can avoid them.

#1.Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Wondering how to sell a house fast? Hiring the right Guelph real estate agent is perhaps the first step. A good agent takes the hassle out of selling a home. If you hire the right one, the agent will help you every step of the way – from listing to closing the deal and everything in-between.

#2. Letting Emotions Get in the Way

The number one mistake most home sellers make is getting emotionally involved. Sure, you’ve come to love your house and created irreplaceable memories in it. However, you’ve to see things from a financial point of view when selling your home.

Remember when you bought the house? That is probably how the buyers feel, too. Take a step back and shed all the emotional aspects of home-selling, and let Guelph real estate agent work his or her charm. It’s only this way that you can stage your home and set yourself up for a quick sale.

#3. Setting the Price Too High or Too Low

Here’s why you need to hire a great Guelph real estate agent. The first thing buyers look for when searching for a home is the price. That is why underpricing or overpricing is a costly mistake that makes house selling a colossal headache. Overpricing your home, for instance, can dramatically reduce offers you will receive. Pricing your home too low, on the other hand, might actually put off quality buyers.

Instead, do a little research, and get familiar with home prices in your neighbourhood. Check out what similar sellers are offering – and your best shot is to undercut them. Even better, let your Guelph real estate agent do all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you will keep offers rolling in.

#4. Not Making Full Disclosures

Here’s no-brainer mistake that can cost you oodles of cash. Buyers often order home inspections which could reveal all undisclosed damages. You will be forced to shell out big bucks for repairs or compensate the buyer.

#5. Thinking you will get Your Asking Price

Reality check: smart homebuyers know how to negotiate. Set your price right and leave a little room for negotiation. That’s another good reason to hire a professional real estate agent. After all, they know every trick on how to sell a house.

#6. Not Staging Your Home

It’s well-documented that using curb appeal is one of the best tricks in books of home-selling. Don’t cut yourself short – ensure that your kitchen, living room, front yard, driveway, and so forth look their best.

Learn to avoid above-mentioned mistakes to make sure that your home selling process is hassle-free. Be sure to work with a true-and-tried Guelph real estate agent.

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