Saturday 23 February 2019
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5 Ways to Solve Uneven Home Cooling and Heating Issues

More often than not, our homes exhibit issues related uneven cooling and heating. This is particularly devastating when one has already invested in a central air conditioning and/or heating system, as it is expected that such an investment would be a quick and affordable means to heat and cool your home. While this may initially be the case, time certainly takes its toll: age sets in, the house becomes worn, ducts experience various problems, and filters get filthier and filthier. Each of these factors can degrade a central air system’s ability to effectively regulate the temperature in all parts of the home. For those looking to solve this problem once and for all, here is a list of five ways to eliminate uneven home cooling and heating issues.

1. Fan Settings

Switching your fan from the auto setting to the on setting allows the fan to consistently circulate air. This happens even when the cooling or heating cycles are inactive. By forcing the air to continually circulate, you could successfully regulate the temperatures between each floor. Conversely, when the setting is in auto mode, the fan only works when the cooling/heating system is active, giving the air a chance to settle when there is no activity. You may be pondering how leaving the fan on will impact your electric bill. The simple truth is: not much. Statistically, leaving your fan on will increase your bill by no more than $20 each month.

2. Insulation

The insulation at the top level of your home retains the air temperature inside and repels external air. Inadequate amounts of insulation can result in profound discomfort an uneven cooling and heating problems. When it comes to maintaining an equal temperature across all levels of the home, making sure you have ample insulation makes all the difference. Additionally, after installing adequate insulation you will want to ensure that it reflects the recommended R-value specifically required for the style of home and geographic area where it is located.

3. Air Vents

You can mobilize your air vents to tactically redirect air throughout your entire abode. The first step is ensuring that none of your vents are blocked or obscured by furniture, dust, or various other items that could potentially obstruct the airflow. Additionally, be sure to check the interiors for any signs of debris. If you happen to discover that they are particularly dirty, wipe them out or use a vacuum. You can also try slightly closing some of the vents on the bottom floor in order to send more air to the upper floors. Make sure not to close them all the way though, as this can lead to increased pressure build up that can exasperate your entire system.

4. Implement a Zoning System

Zoning systems are one of the most efficient ways to solve inadequate heating/cooling issues. While they can be pricey, they are undoubtedly worth it in the long run. For those who do not already know what a zoning system is, it is a system that extends throughout the entirety of your home that affords the ability to regulate the temperature of each floor. While they may be expensive, it certainly beats relying on a single thermostat!

5. Inspect Your Ducts

We all know that leak in the air duct can lead to monumental problems. When a leak is present, it significantly disrupts the air travel in a way that completely impedes its overall circulation. These leaks can occur due to tears, holes, and a variety of other factors. Consequently, when leaks are present, you air system will detect this and work double time to make up for any missing air. Obviously, this exertion can cause a host of additional problems that will end up costing you more money in the long term. To adequately deal with this issue, make sure to talk to a professional, such as Arundel heating and air, so they can decide whether or not your ducts require a thorough inspection.

Should they determine that they do, they can recommend the necessary steps to getting your cooling and heating levels back on the right track. Their determination will ultimately rest on the currently-installed heating and cooling system, as well as the topography of the home. If this seems like a headache, rest assured that you will certainly learn more about your home as well as potentially obtain an upgraded system that affords supreme control over every floor in your home, effectively allowing you to dial in your preferred temperature to taste and spread the wealth across your entire home.

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